Clayton Cold Calling Control Zones


I recently received feedback from West Yorkshire Trading Standards about the success of the Cold Calling Control Zones (CCCZ) in Clayton.

It’s a year since I worked with residents and colleagues to get funding to put these in place.

A CCCZ is basically an area where there is zero tolerance for cold calling i.e. door to door selling. It’s particularly useful in areas where residents may feel vulnerable.

It’s a tool to assist in protecting these residents and helping them to feel safe and not being bothered by door to door salespeople, some of whom have signed people up to buy goods/services which they don’t need or can’t afford.

The need for specific zones in Clayton became apparent when I heard from residents and their families about the way in which older residents and those residents with dementia, were being specifically targeted.

One year on, residents have provided feedback saying that it’s reduced the number of cold callers they have.

The Demolition of Derelict Shops at Four Lane Ends

I was born and brought up in Bradford and have lived here for most of my life, apart from short periods living away. When I returned to live in Bradford in 1991, I lived on Middlebrook Crescent in Fairweather Green and regularly passed the row of shops at the Four Lane Ends junction.

Over the years they fell into dereliction and it felt like a symbol of decay beginning to set in, not just in these shops but in the area.

When I was elected in May 2012, I was determined to do something about them. I have kept the pressure on throughout my term until finally late last summer, a contractor was appointed to do the demolition.

It took some time but we now have a small grassed area beginning to take shape and I hope that local residents will feel that this is a symbol of the improvements that can and will be made when we work together.

Reclaiming Humanity

I went to the Reclaiming Humanity peace vigil on Tuesday evening, in City Park outside City Hall, with friends and colleagues from across the Bradford District.

We were gathered to stand together in peace and solidarity.

The horrendous events which are taking place across the world in places like:

– Iraq
– Ankara 
– Brussels
– Lahore
– Glasgow 

and beyond, all have the same things in common – hate, fear, terror, evil, mistrust and ignorance, but the most striking is the lack of humanity.

We, as people of Bradford, from a wide variety of backgrounds and beliefs, stood together as citizens, united in peace, to reclaim humanity.

Together humanity must overcome the evils of our world and reclaim our humanity.



Michelle Swallow is currently Labour Councillor for the Clayton and Fairweather Green area of Bradford. Elected in 2012, she has worked tirelessly for the people in her Ward, as well as being part of the integrated transport initiative, and Bradford District Play Champion.

Working Hard for Families, Education and the NHS

Michelle with the Grimshaw family

I met up with an amazing family today. When asked to describe what kind of person they are looking for as an elected representative, Joanna Grimshaw said,

“As a mother with a family and training for a job in the NHS I’m looking for someone who will support excellent education and health.
I would like to see someone I can trust who will follow through on their campaign promises, who knows the local area and its needs.”