The Demolition of Derelict Shops at Four Lane Ends

I was born and brought up in Bradford and have lived here for most of my life, apart from short periods living away. When I returned to live in Bradford in 1991, I lived on Middlebrook Crescent in Fairweather Green and regularly passed the row of shops at the Four Lane Ends junction.

Over the years they fell into dereliction and it felt like a symbol of decay beginning to set in, not just in these shops but in the area.

When I was elected in May 2012, I was determined to do something about them. I have kept the pressure on throughout my term until finally late last summer, a contractor was appointed to do the demolition.

It took some time but we now have a small grassed area beginning to take shape and I hope that local residents will feel that this is a symbol of the improvements that can and will be made when we work together.