Clayton Cold Calling Control Zones


I recently received feedback from West Yorkshire Trading Standards about the success of the Cold Calling Control Zones (CCCZ) in Clayton.

It’s a year since I worked with residents and colleagues to get funding to put these in place.

A CCCZ is basically an area where there is zero tolerance for cold calling i.e. door to door selling. It’s particularly useful in areas where residents may feel vulnerable.

It’s a tool to assist in protecting these residents and helping them to feel safe and not being bothered by door to door salespeople, some of whom have signed people up to buy goods/services which they don’t need or can’t afford.

The need for specific zones in Clayton became apparent when I heard from residents and their families about the way in which older residents and those residents with dementia, were being specifically targeted.

One year on, residents have provided feedback saying that it’s reduced the number of cold callers they have.