Michelle’s pledges to you

12377815_10154099602706385_1942239225686239465_oFor four years, I have worked tirelessly for the people of Clayton and Fairweather Green. If I am re-elected in May 2016 to serve you for another term, I will fight for:

Improved education Рthese are challenging times for the education of our children, but as part of the Labour Group I will ensure that we maintain our manifesto commitment to unlock the potential of everyone who lives here. Having three young daughters in local schools or childcare, I strongly believe that every child should have access to a good or outstanding school.

A stronger economy – Bradfordians need access to good jobs, transport and a stable income. I will continue to work on improving transportation across the district, and beyond, and hold local councils and providers to account through my role on the Bradford Engagement Committee for transport on the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.11896446_10153096638803240_2062573599177130700_o

Support for local residents – since becoming your Councillor four years ago, I have assisted hundreds of local people with their casework queries, attended lots of local events and meetings as well as holding surgeries where people can speak to me about their problems. I will continue to support all the residents of Clayton and Fairweather Green and ensure that our most vulnerable residents are supported with care and compassion.

Safer communities – through my position as Executive Assistant for Neighbourhoods and Safer Communities, I will continue to raise issues with the police and council, where necessary, to focus on safety within our community and on our streets. While the vast majority of people live their lives lawfully, a minority choose to engage in anti-social behaviour, and I will work with partners to address these issues.

With West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson.
With West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson.

A strong NHS – the NHS should be free at the point of use. I currently serve on Bradford’s Health Committee, and have fought for improved services and easier access to GPs since my election. One of my leading campaigns has been to ensure an NHS dentist for everyone, which I believe the Council has listened to and is working with partners to achieve.


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